From modern trays to elegant barware, we have all the essentials for a dazzling cocktail party.

Tip 1: A portable mini bar!

Look for a wheeled bar cart that can transport cocktails from room to room.

Tip 2: Adding a stunning tablemat or table runners.

You don't need to splurge on new dinnerware. Simply layer a new set of stunning table mate with your plates to instantly dress up your table.


Tip 3: Some chic artwork can help pull together your party theme.

Tip4:  Hostess Serving Tray 

Tip 5: Cheese Board Serve Tray

Cheese and crackers are always a crowd-pleaser. Up the fancy factor by serving them on a cheese board instead of any random plate.

Tip 6: Candle Stands

Whether they're clustered together or placed around the room, flickering candles stand adds instant sparkle and elegance.

Tip7:  Dessert Tiered Stands:

A tiered dessert stand feels just a bit more special than a flat tray.


Tip 8:  Once you've created that killer playlist, keep it at a comfortable volume level so guests can converse without shouting, here is a Cool speaker table.