Your nightstand can tie your bedroom décor together and help you stay organized. The best nightstand features style, lighting, and decorative accents.  It will take no time for your bedroom to feel polished!


Your choice of nightstand depends on both the layout of your bedroom and your personal tastes.

1. Limited Floor Space: 

Rather than a wide table, try something narrow like a pedestal table. You can also go vertical with a narrow bookcase or wall shelf.  

More Storage: With a solid dresser or solid piece with shelves or drawers, you can tuck items out of sight.

Get Creative: Use an unexpected item like a stool, trunk, or chair. Make sure the height of the furniture is similar to the mattress for easy access and visual harmony.

Mix and Match: For an eclectic look, pair different nightstands. Ensure that both are of a similar height, color, or shape, so that the choice looks intentional rather than random. 

Wake up to a beautiful and functional bedside table.

Your choice of nightstand depends on both the layout of your bedroom and your personal tastes

2. Illuminate the Space

A nightstand isn't complete without the right lighting. A balanced look should consider the overall effect.  

3. Keep it Practical

Analyze your daily routines. Before you sleep, do you curl up with a book? 

You need adequate lighting and storage for your stack of books to be read (every bookworm has one). Whether you prefer social media or not, a charging station will hide snaking wires. If you always wake up feeling parched, stay hydrated with a bedside water carafe. Lay out & prepare for the next day jewelry in a colorful box or dish. Whatever your nightfall or daybreak habits are, adapt your tabletop collection to them.

4. Reflect Your Personality

It's time for the finishing touches!  Candles in your favorite scent create ambiance. Add framed photos of your loved ones or souvenirs from your travels. As well as reminding you of happy memories, they will also inspire you for your next adventure