Everybody loves clutter-free counters and perfectly organized closets. But deep cleaning and organizing your entire home—who’s got the time?!

Finish your spring cleaning in a week by tackling one space each day—and then keep them that way with our editors' storage solutions.

Best of all, these tips take only an hour (or less).

Day 1: The Entryway

Bamboo Storage Bench

Speed Clean Routine:  Set a welcoming tone for your home with a dirt and clutter-free entryway. 

Make sure the floor is swept, that door handles are cleaned, that runners and floor mats are cleaned, and that stained windows are quickly rinsed.

Storage Essentials: Making a landing spot for every item is the key to staying organized, try Leather Ladder Hanging Shelf Organizer Rack, or wood shoes storage bench.

In larger spaces, go for a storage bench to hold shoes, or a console table to hold everyday necessities.


Solid Wood Cubby Storage Bench


Day 2: The Kitchen

Start at the sink, put your microwave turntable and toaster oven tray in the basin filled with hot soapy water. While they're soaking, wipe countertops, the interiors of small appliances, and the exteriors of the stovetop and fridge.

After completing all the steps, give the floor a final sweep and wash everything in the sink.

After completing all the steps, give the floor a final sweep and wash everything in the sink. 

Organize your countertops and make storage easier with 5 Layer Kitchen Storage Rack,

floating shelves, or small rolling cart & small kitchen Island.


Day 3: The Living Room

Speed Clean Routine: Vacuum the floor, making sure to get between the cushions and under any furniture.  Clean windows and surfaces. Don't forget the TV remote!

Storage Essentials: Organize blankets and pillows into decorative baskets and bins during midweek cleaning.  Use decorative boxes and trays to organize your entertainment accessories.


Day 4: The Bathroom


Nobody likes it, but it has to be done. Mop and sweep the floor starting from the ground up. Ensure the toilet, bathtub, and sink are cleaned and the mirrors are cleaned.

Clean out the medicine cabinet and linen closet, throwing away anything that's expired or that you haven't touched in more than a year.

Storage Essentials: Tidy shower essentials with caddies and organizers 

Give personal hygiene products a place to live either on wall-mounted shelves or an over-the-toilet cabinet.


Day 5: The Bedroom 

Speed Clean Routine: Give your sleep space a breath of fresh air. Ensure the floors are swept, the fan blades are dusted, and that dressers and nightstands are cleaned.

Bonus: fresh filter air purifiers to help relieve seasonal allergies and clean humidifiers to ensure mold doesn't grow. 

After that, clean your bedding and replace heavy winter bedspreads with lighter spring options like bamboo sheets and quilts.

Storage Essentials: You can keep your bedroom tidy at all times with trinket dishes and baskets to store extra bedding


Day 6: The Dining Room

Speed Clean Routine:

Even if you have a formal dining area that is only used occasionally or a casual eat-in kitchen where family gathers on a daily basis, you can whip it into shape in no time.

Vacuum floors and upholstery, wipe eating surfaces, and dust corners.

Storage Essentials: Keep serving dishes looking pristine and table linens organized with a buffet.

Add a china cabinet to your dining room to display dishware and family heirlooms.

Day 7: The Playroom

Speed Clean Routine:  

All toys should be gathered and separated by type (plush, metal, and plastic) to get rid of germs. Wash stuffed animals on delicate and allow to air dry.

Disinfect all toys, including plastic and metal ones, on the top shelf of the washer.

Next, vacuum the floor and wipe down hot spots like light switches and doorknobs.

Return every bear, brick, and book to its rightful place after your cleanse.

Storage Essentials: The simplest way to quickly tidy up (even for the little ones) is with a catch-all toy box, picture-labeled storage bins, and a bookcase to tuck away everything from extra toys to story-time essentials.

Play on a floor mat or table to limit the mess.