Make your bathroom look brand new without lifting a hammer.

Do you need a new bathroom without the cost and fuss of full on renovation ?Here's what you can do to get a new bathroom without renovating!

1. Refresh with White Paint

If you're looking for a bright fresh bathroom look, it's time to paint over the beige walls and ceiling.

A small bathroom will take no time at all to complete this project and will yield instant results! 

We even did a black accent wall in our bathroom that adds a beautiful depth to the small space. 

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new tiles, plus all the time it takes to tear out any old tiles only to replace them with ones of a different color.

You can use tile painting kits to paint over your existing tiles for a dramatically different and refreshed look!

2. Cover the Countertops

If you're like me and don't have the money to dish out on new counters, but plan on it someday, why not cover the ones you already have?

Don't be troubled by your old oak vanity, it doesn't have to go to get a fresh new bathroom look !

Using a high density foam roller, high hiding primer, semi-gloss white paint, you can have a "new" vanity without the hassle of a demolition crew or high price tag!

There are many ways people are getting clever with their existing counters, so we decided to cover it with faux marble for a luxurious look.

3. Granite Marble Multi-function Sticker

4. Copper Deer Drawer Knobs Set

Before our bathroom had a mounted sliding glass door that was so limiting and just too much to keep clean. A new curtain can change with your design mood whenever you need it to!